Nociceptive Sensitization Group

Peripheral and central sensitization of nociceptive neurons are the basis for the development of primary (stress-related) and secondary (stress-independent) chronic pain. In the "Nociceptive Sensitization Group" measurement methods for the differentiation of this sensitization are investigated, quality of measurements (validity, objectivity, reliability and responsiveness) to different pain diseases are tested and protocols for clinical practice in the context of a mechanism-based pain therapy are developed.



  • Jill Vögelin, MSc
  • Soraya Premerlani, MSc student


Master's thesis

For current master thesis opportunities, please contact the group head directly.

Ongoing collaborations


  • Swiss Pain Society (SPS)
  • B.Braun-Stiftung


Current projects

  • Student Project (Practice Transfer)
    Literature-Research on peripheral and/or central sensitization.
    The focus of this work is to find clinical tests and/or scientific factors/markers related to peripheral and/or central sensitization.