About us

The Communication Design research focus (FSP KD) is one of four research focuses at HKB. It is the biggest of its kind in the German-speaking world.


Head of Communication Design Research Focus
Arne Scheuermann
Telefon +41 31 848 38 09

Office and project documentation
Catherine Germanier
Telefon +41 31 848 39 40

Administrative assistant
Marie-Eve von Allmen
Telefon +41 31 848 49 24

Head of research area ‘Knowledge Visualisation’
Jimmy Schmid
Fabienne Kilchör

Head of research area ‘Social Communication’
Minou Afzali

Head of BFH working group Health Care Communication Design
Arne Scheuermann
Minou Afzali

Head of research area ‘Environmental Communication Design’
Jimmy Schmid

Head of research area ‘Design and Rhetoric’
Arne Scheuermann

Head of research area ‘Design History’
Robert Lzicar


HKB is a member of the Swiss Design Network (SDN), the national competence network of Swiss universities. FSP KD employees are actively involved in the German Society for Design Theory and Research (DGTF) and other national and international organisations. They also act as experts for the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) and other research and educational institutions.