FSP IM carries out research in four areas: ‘Art as Research’, ‘Intermedial Arts’, ‘Auditory Cultures’ and ‘Art Education’.

Art as Research: creative and cognitive artistic processes

This research area centres on creative and cognitive artistic processes. The focus is on experimental approaches and artistic forms of thinking in performative, intermedial practice on the one hand and on the associated verbal and non-verbal forms of knowledge on the other. The visual and cognitive processes involved in the perception of art and figurative meaning play a significant role.

Responsibility: Priska Gisler

Intermedial Arts

This research area looks at performative and physical forms of representation and explores intermedial concepts of the self. The projects reflect artistic concepts of the self, both in historical terms and with regard to current processual and performative senses of identity. Individual investigations combine aspects of the humanities, social sciences and artistic research. 

Responsibility: Fabiana Senkpiel

Auditory Cultures

Investigations into auditory cultures focus on audible situations and developments that transcend musical sounds. They look at questions surrounding sound design in the everyday sphere and its penetration through conscious listening. 
The goal is to add an auditory tier to the social and cultural sciences on the one hand and to examine and reflect on the artistic use of sound on the other. The research area combines a historical, hermeneutical approach with contemporary methods of artistic research and discourse theory.

Responsibility: Andi Schoon

Art Education

This research area focuses on the design, take-up and qualitative development of curricular and extracurricular art education. It focuses on capacity development in students and teachers by examining art education at different institutions and curatorial practice from a pedagogical, didactic, academic and artistic point of view. In addition to analysing historical formats, researchers also devise strategies and perspectives for the study and development of contemporary art education.

Responsibility: Priska Gisler