Our activities at FSP IM involve applied artistic research projects that centre on subjects with social relevance. Staff are committed to both research and teaching. We also carry out research and development work for arts and cultural organisations.

Research and development

Our applied artistic research projects focus on subjects with social relevance and aim to help solve complex problems: research collaborations exist within HKB as well as with national and international partners from the business and academic worlds.

Contract research and consulting services

Our range of academic services is aimed at organisations and clients from the worlds of culture, politics, the public sector and private industry: 

  • Research and studies to examine specific questions.
  • Publications (monographs, newspaper articles, articles in books/anthologies, blogs).
  • Organisation and input in the form of workshops, conferences, continuing education, etc.
  • Consultancy and expert reports for organisations in the fields of art and culture.

Student theses

We supervise students’ bachelor’s and master’s theses and link students’ research interests to current research projects.

Research and teaching

Research pathways for lecturers

Lecturers can get involved in research activities at HKB: 
1. By proposing a research project that is funded by an external institution. You will require several years of research experience (you will generally hold a PhD), academic writing skills and team leadership qualities. Lecturers without research experience can take advantage of the opportunity to gain experience by working on their own HKB preparatory project.
2. As a PhD student, e.g. working on an SNSF-funded research project: this will take three to four years and may be combined with a dissertation, e.g. at the University of Bern (in the Graduate School of the Arts). 
3. By acting as an academic or practical expert on a research project. Your expertise may be required on an occasional basis or you may be involved in the research project over the course of several years.

Research pathways for students

During their studies, students are able to attend research events: 
Our MA degree programmes in the Literature, Y, Music, Theatre and Design and Fine Arts divisions include our Introduction to research (2 ECTS). 
Students can also take part in «Research Wednesday» – a forum held twice a semester, where Intermediality researchers present their latest findings.

FSP IM staff also act as mentors for students’ degree projects, providing support and advice. The master’s thesis can also be linked to a research project and co-supervised by researchers. 

If you are interested in carrying out further research after completing your master’s degree, we recommend that you take the Research minor during your MA or complete a Research master’s (Design). For further information, see the relevant degree programmes.

On completing your MA, you may wish to specialise in a particular research area. The Graduate School of the Arts, for example, a cooperation between the University of Bern and HKB, offers you the opportunity to study for a PhD. All evening events at the GSA are also open to HKB students and staff.


FSP IM cooperates closely with the Design and Fine Arts Division, the Theatre Division and the Swiss Literature Institute.

The research project ‘Practical acting knowledge’ led to the CAS programme ‘InterActing – from drama to communication training’.