About us

It is in the interests of our society to preserve our cultural heritage – to ensure that resources are used sustainably and that we hold on to authentic proof of our past and identity. Our aim is to research the materiality of art and cultural artefacts, to preserve that materiality and, through the knowledge generated in the process, to increase the value of the works in question.


Head of Materiality in Art and Culture Research Focus:
Sebastian Dobrusskin
Telephone +41 31 848 38 87

Research associate:
Luise Baumgartner
Telephone +41 31 848 42 19

Office and project documentation:
Daniela Wüthrich
Telephone +41 31 848 39 48


Preserving art and cultural artefacts requires the skills of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research teams. This is reflected in our partnerships, which are based both in the academic worlds of natural sciences and the humanities and also in the fields of engineering and artisanal enterprises:

Swiss Institute for Art Research, Zurich (SIK-ISEA)

The long-term collaboration between the SIK laboratories and HKB is set out in a cooperation agreement that enables us to use the laboratories for art technology research.

Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) – Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering

At the BFH Centre for Wood, FSP MA works with BFH’s Department of Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering and maintains an active dialogue with the Department’s engineers and academics.

University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI)

We act as a junior partner on SNSF projects at SUPSI, complementing the established teaching cooperation between the two institutions with cooperation in the field of research.

Paul Scherrer Institute

For several years, our research has benefited from advisory and instrumental support from the Paul Scherrer Institute.