About us

EHSM stands at the heart of sports economics and management as well as innovation and development. Our focus on teaching, research and services is aimed at the stakeholders in sport, who are increasingly confronted by the economic factors of the field.

Organisation + Staff

We rely on representative studies at EHSM to help us shape the valuable foundations of sports economics in Swiss sport. In addition to quantifying the sport industry, we work in the areas of elite sports economics, the social significance of sport, sport infrastructures, stakeholders and the organisation of high-performance sport systems as well as sport events.

Dr. Hippolyt Kempf, Ressortleiter, Dr. Anne Renaud, Dozentin, Ariane Weber, Sportökonomin, Bruno Bosshard, Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Fatima Weber, Administration, Dr. Michaël Mrkonjic, Stv. Leiter Ressort Sportökonomie, Andreas C. Weber, Doktorand.