Strategy, Technology and Innovation Management (STIM)

We develop strategies aimed at ensuring that companies, teams and business eco-systems are structured successfully.

Our research group

We create and convey strategic thrusts, methods and solutions to enhance competitiveness, innovative capacity and planning and investment security in companies and organisations.
Here the focus is on practice-based, results-oriented knowledge transfer in the fields of strategy, digital technologies and innovation.

Range of services

We offer keynote talks, workshops, coaching, analysis and research and consulting projects in the following areas:

Business and functional strategies (often in conjunction with state-of-the-art technologies)

  • Digital transformation and digital business methods
  • Development, simulation and validation of new (digital) business models
  • Servitization: development, monitoring and implementation of new business models in industrial SMEs
  • Eco-system analysis of companies
  • Modelling of future scenarios
  • Appraisal and optimisation of operational security processes (preventing malfunctions)

Innovation (often in conjunction with cutting-edge technologies)

  • Innovation management methods
  • Appraisal and optimisation of innovation processes
  • Appraisal and development of a culture of innovation (human side of innovation)
  • Collaboration models between established companies and start-ups

Areas of expertise

Our research and consulting activities are based on the following areas of expertise:

  • Strategic management
  • Modelling and simulation of complex dynamic systems (business dynamics)
  • Trend and market research
  • Change management
  • Technology management
  • Entrepreneurship in the context of established start-ups
  • Innovation management
  • Agile innovation methods, such as lean start-up, design thinking
  • Creativity methods
  • Collaborations with national and international research institutions


Contact us or meet our experts in person at various events. Collaboration produces win-win outcomes for everyone concerned – your company, society and the university.