Services + Expertise

In our Sport technology unit, we test new technologies for their relevance to sport and develop data-based services.


IT innovations in sport: Our Sport technology unit facilitates and encourages communication between sports organisations, the sport tech industry and universities with the objective of developing IT innovations for sport.

Evaluating measurement technologies

We work with domain experts (e.g. trainers, coaches, medical staff, etc.) to examine the IT needs for individual sports. We test new technologies with regard to their relevance and

Creating performance models

In an effort to optimise communication between domain experts and engineers, we outline and distil performance-related factors to quantifiable indicators for each type of sport.

Data analysis and visualisation

Sport generates masses of data which classic statistical approaches cannot process comprehensively. We explore new methodological paths in this regard, with an increased emphasis on data visualisation.

User Experience (UX) in sport

A technology’s user friendliness largely determines whether it will be introduced for use in sport. Design Thinking is therefore an integral part of developing applications.


Research + Development

Our unit cooperates with partners from academic, industry and sport sectors to:

  • test the relevance of new technologies for sport;
  • develop analysis methods and determine proofs of concept;
  • support industry partners in developing innovative products.

Consulting services

We share our sport technology expertise by means of lectures, consultations and workshops. We also manage the offices of the Swiss Association of Computer Science in Sport (sacss) and promote efforts to standardise data formats and protocols in sport.


Our facilities feature tracking technologies for game sports and both indoor and outdoor athletics.
Other reference methods for validating measurement devices are also available.

Student work

  • Developing prototypes (hardware and algorithms)
  • Validating products and prototypes


Coach training:
Advanced training module in measurement technology and data analysis in high-performance sport.