About us

At the BFH Centre for Wood, we unite specialists from various disciplines. These specialists develop technologies, processes and expertise throughout the entire wood process chain – making these available to users. Digital connectivity is the overarching element that links the entire chain and will also have a lasting effect on the forestry and wood industry.


With the BFH Centre for Wood, we pool expertise from industry and academia in:

  • knowledge-based production and processing of wood as a raw material,
  • intelligent use of wood as a construction material,
  • advanced use of wood as a natural material.

We involve experts from the fields of forest sciences, timber construction and structures, materials and wood technology, digital economy in the construction and wood industry, and materiality in art and culture.
Their cross-process cooperation and complementary expertise enable integrated needs-based solutions throughout the entire wood value chain.

Creating added value with an interdisciplinary approach

Our interdisciplinary approach generates unique combinations for the production, operation and use of facilities and finished products, as well as the conservation of works of art and cultural assets. With innovative solutions for wood-based chemicals, materials, buildings, products and processes, our researchers generate triple added value – creating economic, environmental and social value.


Partnership – creating added value with an interdisciplinary approach

By cooperating with forestry, finishing specialists and end users, we contribute to ensuring that wood as a raw material is supplied and finished in line with needs. Our close collaborations with partners from industry and social entities means that we can connect practical applications with the latest research. This proximity to end users combined with our strong practical focus on the subsectors of construction and the wood industry are the key to our success.

Collaborations – national and international

We are involved in numerous projects with partners from business and with other universities in Switzerland and abroad, and we are always open to entering into new projects and collaborations.

Forest & Wood 4.0 initiative – entering the digital future together

Working together with associations, companies, experts and digital natives, our specialists support companies to make a full digital transformation through the Forest & Wood 4.0 initiative.