Working hand in hand with industry partners and other organisations, we develop products and processes with economic, social and environmental benefits. We combine practice with the latest knowledge. By using this knowledge in our teaching for BFH degree programmes and continuing education courses, we ensure that knowledge is transferred into business.

Research + Development

Our research projects consistently focus on practical applications.
Our researchers develop innovative solutions, working closely with our industry partners and other organisations.
We collaborate with companies and specialists in the fields of forestry, wood finishing and utilisation – with the aim of ensuring that the raw material can be supplied and finished in line with needs.

The results of this collaboration include:

  • New forest management systems
  • Innovative materials
  • Solutions to optimise buildings
  • Processes to preserve cultural heritage


We offer a wide range of consulting services relating to wood as a raw material, construction material and material. These services include:

  • Concepts
  • Planning and expertise
  • Measurements
  • Appraisals and analyses
  • Knowledge and technology transfer

Training + Continuing education

We incorporate the results of research conducted at the BFH centre in our bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes, as well as in continuing education courses at BFH. In this way, we ensure that teaching at BFH is always at the cutting edge.