RESPONS (Leben im Pflegeheim in der Schweiz – Sicht der Bewohnenden)

Legislation, standards and the changing demands of nursing home residents, call for a high level of quality of care. To date, this has not been comprehensively evaluated from the nursing home residents’ perspective in Switzerland.



The purpose of this study is to contribute to a comprehensive understanding of quality of care. The relationship between the subjective and objective quality of care indicators and the residents’ characteristics will be investigated.

Course of action

RESPONS is a multi-center study with a cross-sectional survey design. The sampling strategy is based upon the SHURP study, which is stratified according to language regions and nursing home sizes across Switzerland. A representative sample of 1'200 residents will be invited to participate and structured interviews will be led with the residents. The residents’ points of view will help to identify high priority factors for quality improvement.


For the first time the Study RESPONS provides representative data from residents perspective on the quality of life and satisfaction with care in nursing homes in German and French-speaking Switzerland. Overall, the residents rated the quality of nursing homes as good. There is a need for quality improvement in pain management, in the activity of daily life, in self-determination and person-centered care and support.

Looking ahead

RESPONS shows first connections between objective and subjective quality indicators. In the next RESPONS II study, the findings will be further investigated in order to explore the issue of quality of care over time.