Ästhetische Praktiken nach Bologna

This investigation is focused on the formation of epistemic cultures in architecture, design and art.


  • Lead school Bern Academy of the Arts
  • Institute Institute Practices and Theories in the Arts
  • Research unit Art as Research: artistic creation and epistemologies
  • Funding organisation SNSF
  • Duration 01.06.2013 - 31.01.2017
  • Project management Prof. Dr. Priska Gisler
  • Head of project Prof. Dr. Priska Gisler
  • Project staff (first name) Drilona Shehu
  • Partner ETH Zürich

Course of action

On the one hand it examines the aesthetic practices, understood as the linguistic and non-linguistic ability to shape the world, that form the foundations of these disciplines. On the other hand, it also seeks to determine what genuinely characterizes the formation of these aesthetic practices and how these have altered on account of increased research demands and recent shifts in focus in the tertiary education system. Our understanding of the formation and exercise of aesthetic practices is investigated by means of an ethnographic study in the subjects of architecture, design and art, and we examine their epistemological potential in times of increased demands of academization and research.