To date there are no official tools in Switzerland that consider the eating and physical activity habits of the Tamil population. The intention of the project ‘NutriGeD’ (Nutrition Gestational Diabetes) is to close that gap.



Development of a folder serving on one hand as a convenient interactive tool during the counseling of pregnant migrants and also giving a simple and clear structure for health care professionals working with this population group.

Course of action

The folder contains a collection of appealingly designed information and tools that help healthcare professionals understand and work with the eating habits of the Tamil population and their views on physical activity.


A « MigMapp© » was developed as an attractive manual containing a lot of information which the healthcare staff can refer to when handling diverse problems stemming from nutrition and lifestyle habits of the Tamil migrant population specifically. A stand-up display was also created for consultations. It contains among others information about sugar content of foods and beverages, Tamil menus for diabetic people.

Looking ahead

The documentation will now be evaluated in practice before being made available for use.