The prevalence of overweight and obesity in the CH require effective, innovative interventions for weight loss. In view of this background Oviva has developed an app for Dieticians. Their effectiveness is tested.



Proving that weight-loss counselling via a smartphone-app is effective for patients with overweight/obesity

Course of action

In a 1-year pre / post pilot study the effectiveness via online nutrition counseling for overweight or obese adults is tested. The study is carried out in two phase: The first phase (close contact) is used for weight loss and the second phase (less contact) for weight maintenance. The effectiveness is measured using anthropometric, laboratory chemical and behavioral psychological parameters at different times.


The study showed clinically significant weight loss after a 1-year intervention with the Oviva App and other positive effects (e.g. BMI, body fat percentage, waist circumference, blood pressure, nutritional and exercise behaviour). The evaluation of 15 qualitative interviews with the participants also highlighted numerous positive experiences, but also limitations.

Looking ahead

Overall, this study shows positive results. These can be used for the nutrition consultation process in practice and integrated into the training of the Bsc or Msc Nutrition and Dietetics at the BFH.