In Switzerland, a growing number of elderly persons with one or more chronic disease live at home or in nursing homes, despite significant medical advancement and knowledge about healthy aging. These persons require continuous medical and n



This project wants to 1) implement an APN in a primary care practice in the Bernese Midland and Berner Oberland using case study design for evaluation, 2) identify TARMED-relevant services, contributions to self-management and quality of life in elderly chronically ill persons, identify interfaces and interprofessional collaboration, and 3) develop recommendations concerning legal bases and reimbursement of APN in Swiss primary care practices.

Course of action

To respond to the project’s leading question multiple case studies will be conducted (Yin, 2018). Thus, the two participating primary care practices can be integrated into the study. The case is each participating primary care practice with the various healthcare professionals (physicians, APNs, medical practice assistants/scribes, and patients) as well as the structural and organizational elements and processes (such as the physical location of the practice or the billing system).