Fortgeschrittene optische Faser-Preform, nur bestehend aus Feststoffen, für die nächste Generation von mikrostrukturierten Fasern

Implementation and test of a sol-gel-based doped granulated silica production process for the assembly of all-glass special-fiber preforms (e.g. microstructured fiber preforms).


  • Department BUAS | Engineering and Information Technology
  • Research focus Production technology
  • Research field Applied Laser, Photonics and Surface Technologies
  • Funding body Innosuisse
  • Duration 01.11.2014 - 30.04.2016
  • Head of project Valerio Romano
  • Project partners - business ReseaChem GmbH
  • Keywords Faser-Preform, Sol-Gel, mikrostrukturierte Glasfaser, "large-mode-area Faser"

Starting point

Nowadays the state-of-the-art silica-fiber-preform production technique is MCVD (modified chemical vapor deposition). This technique has its known geometrical, refractive index contrast, doping concentration and homogeneity limitations. With our approach for the all-solid silica-fiber-preform, which rest upon on sol-gel-based doped granulated silica, we can bypass the MCVD limitations.


Production of active and passive optical materials that have highly precisely tailored properties. These optical materials will be used to produce i) granulated silica and ii) optical fiber preforms for the specialty fiber market

Core competencies

BFH/IAP (Uni Bern): Knowhow im Bereich von Fasern, Faserziehen und Lasern; optisches Labor auf dem neusten Stand der Technik ReseaChem: Knowhow im Bereich Chemie; völlig ausgerüstetes Chemielabor