Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering

Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering

Institute for Materials and Wood Technology IWH
The focus is on materials. This institute is unique in Switzerland and is dedicated to developing materials. Its researchers concentrate on renewable materials, especially on wood as a raw and building material. Focusing on sustainable uses for wood and on healthy indoor climates, the researchers develop and optimise wood-based products, such as new multifunctional wood and wood-composite materials.

Areas of competence:

  • Materials, Furniture and Design
  • Wood and Surface Treatments
  • Wood and Construction Adhesives
  • Materials and Wood Chemistry
  • Materials Emissions and Extractives

Institute for Timber Construction, Structures and Architecture IHTA
The focus is on construction. The institute’s researchers investigate issues relating to the design and construction of wooden structures, to working with existing buildings and to optimising and further developing wood and hybrid construction. In addition, they provide support in the shape of relevant studies and market analyses to companies within the sector. The results of their research contribute to ensuring construction that is of reliable quality, sustainable and energy-efficient. This combination of civil and wood engineering with architecture within one institute is unique in Switzerland.

Areas of competence:

  • Load-bearing Structures
  • Building Physics and Energy
  • Windows, Doors and Façade Technology
  • Renovating Existing Structures and Historic Conservation
  • Integrated Planning and Production
  • Market Research and Construction Monitoring
  • Timber Construction

Institute for Urban Development and Infrastructure ISI
The focus is on the built environment. With the aim of finding solutions for future urban development, the institute combines specialist engineering approaches with architectural and planning perspectives. This integrated approach is unique in Switzerland. The institute’s researchers work on issues related to geotechnics, specialised construction, natural hazards, road construction and traffic, mobility and urban development.

Areas of competence:

  • Geotechnics and Natural Phenomena
  • Urban Water Resources and Traffic
  • Urban Development and Mobility

Center for Development and Cooperation CDC

The collaborators of the Center for Development and Cooperation CDC make use of their competencies and technical expertise for capacity development in the fields of wood and construction in emerging and developing countries. Thereby, they strengthen the capacities of individuals, organisations and communities from education, research and economy and contribute to sustainable development.

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