BFH Cooperation and Development

BFH Cooperation and Development

In compliance with the goals for sustainable development of the United Nations, BFH Cooperation and Development pools relevant international cooperation competences: 

  • Education: Promotion of formal and informal vocational training systems at all levels
  • Production & ecosystems: Sustainable agriculture and forestry, wood-based and construction industry, food security, climate change 
  • Sustainable economy: Improvement of employment, working conditions, production systems and safety at work 
  • Health: Health promotion and disease prevention, inter-professional approaches and outcome optimisation in the healthcare sector
  • Including societies: Strengthening of local participation and the community, gender equality and the empowerment of girls and women


BFH Cooperation and Development is based on the expertise and methodological expertise of the departments involved and offers expertise from a single source, enabling the holistic processing of complex questions within their international context. Thanks to activities in more than 40 countries, a further strength of the BFH Cooperation and Development is an existing network with non-profit organisations, the economy, government authorities and universities. The research and services project partners as well as the BFH’s curriculum profit from this.


Further information regarding the key areas, project examples and curriculum is available on the departments’ websites:


Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering

Centre for Development and Cooperation


School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences


Business, Health, Social Work

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BFH Cooperation and Development

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Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences

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Business, Health, Social Work

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Wood and Civil Engineering

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