BFH Cooperation and Development

BFH Cooperation and Development

The platform BFH Cooperation and Development integrates the activities of several departments of Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH in the field of international development cooperation. Currently, BFH experts are active in more than 40 emerging and developing countries. The sharing of knowledge and information within BFH Cooperation and Development helps to develop a holistic approach and to create interdisciplinary solutions for complex issues within an international context.


Focal Points

The activities of the BFH in the field of development cooperation focus on five globally relevant core areas:


  • Education
    Promotion of formal and informal vocational training systems at all levels
  • Production & Ecosystems
    Sustainable agriculture and forestry, wood-processing and construction industry, food security, climate change (adaptation & mitigation) in the green sector
  • Sustainable Economy
    Improvement of employment, working conditions, production systems and safety at work
  • Health
    Health promotion and disease prevention, inter-professional approaches and outcome optimisation
  • Inclusive Societies
    Strengthening of local participation and communities, gender equality and empowerment of girls and women



  • Technologies and products
  • Vocational training
  • Participative approaches
  • Coaching and consulting


Further information regarding the key areas, project examples and curriculum is available on the departments’ websites:


School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences


Social Work

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Management Team

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Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences

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Business, Health Professions, Social Work

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Wood and Civil Engineering

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