IT services

IT services

IT Support should be your first port of call for any problems or support questions associated with the IT systems at BFH. 

Service desk

The IT service desk is based at Dammweg 3 in Bern. Wherever you are based you can contact the service desk for all IT support questions. Fault reports and support requests can be sent via the online service desk or by e-mail or telephone:


Hours of business

Monday – Friday

7 a.m. – 12 noon/1 p.m. – 5.30 p.m. ​

On site support

Support is provided by dedicated staff at the following sites:

  • Bern (Dammweg 3, Fellerstrasse 11) 
  • Biel (Quellgasse 21, Solothurnstrasse 102) 
  • Burgdorf (Pestalozzistrasse 20) 
  • Zollikofen, (Länggasse 85)


When making an enquiry – whether through the online service desk or by telephone – please provide as much detail as possible. The more precisely you formulate your enquiry, the quicker we will be able to help. 


Online service desk key data
When you create a ticket, you can enter the following details, some of which are mandatory: 

  • Type of enquiry (incident or service request) 
  • Subject (brief description) 
  • Text (detailed description)
  • Attachments (documents or screen prints that highlight the issue and help explain it)
  • Support region (select the appropriate support region)
  • Address (select the site in the support region)



Request description

As a rule, the more complex the issue, the more detail we will require in order to resolve it. If you experience difficulties with a system, for example, the following details can help:

  • Which system is it? What is the (complete) link that produced a problem? 
  • How did you want to access it? PC, notebook, other device? What is the operating system? Which Internet browser did you use?
  • What was displayed? Was there an error message? What did it say?
  • What have you done already to try to solve the problem? What were the results? 
  • etc.

IT maintenance + disruptions

​Maintenance messages, faults and current information about the IT infrastructure are available at IT Maintenance + Disruptions in the BFH Intranet.

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IT support

Please initially report any problems to our

online Service Desk

Important information

Suggestions and information about services as well as current information about faults:

IT services


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IT services

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