The city and region of Bern, together with the other towns that are hosts to Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH,  offer a wide range of sports and cultural activities to enjoy in your free time.


Bern University of the Arts (HKB), a department of Bern University of Applied Sciences, is one of the largest organisers of cultural events in the city of Bern with over 300 events each year. All areas are represented (literature, music, theatre, opera, art, design, etc.) and events are usually free. The HKB event calendar can be found at


The city of Bern also has countless museums and galleries, ranging from the Paul Klee Centre to the Swiss Rifle Museum and Einstein House. Renowned art museums and galleries can also be found in all large centres in the region. Students and employees can leave everyday life behind in zoos and botanical gardens, during visits to castles, festivals and other cultural events.


Various event and cultural calendars provide an overview of current exhibitions, events, festivals and other occasions:

ProviderWhat it is
Berner KulturagendaThe ‘Berner Kulturagenda’ is a listings magazine that comes out weekly on Wednesdays. It tells you what’s on in the Bern region and publishes independent reviews of events.
Ensuite‚Ensuite’ is a weekly cultural magazine that reports on events, culture and society in Bern. A large part of the magazine is devoted to a detailed programme of cultural events. The events calendar is also available online.
BewegungsmelderThe city magazine about going out, concerts, lifestyle, and more besides, appears monthly.




Newspapers + Magazines



Many newspaper and magazine subscriptions are available to students at reductions of between 30 and 50 percent.


Some examples (in German):


Der Bund



NZZ am Sonntag

Die Weltwoche


WOZ - Die Wochenzeitung



Der Beobachter


Students can benefit from concessions given by several organisations. The following list is just small selection from a wide range.

ProviderWhat it is
If you are on a tight budget, even everyday items can become out of reach. The purpose of KulturLegi is to keep concert and theatre visits, sports events, continuing education and newspaper subscriptions within the reach of people on low incomes.
Stadttheater / Vidmarhallen BernDeeply discounted tickets for students up to 30 years of age.
KITAG AGDiscounted cinema tickets for students
PathéDiscounted cinema tickets for students
Museen BernMost museums have reduced entrance prices for students.



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