Engagement as a mentor in a transcultural context (BID0413)

The aim of this module is to train you as a mentor to competently support refugees who wish to study at a university of applied sciences. The transfer to other fields of action is also addressed.

You will learn to…

  • Communicate while taking into account the aspects of culture and diversity.

  • Assume the role of a mentor.

  • Develop autonomy and resilience.

  • Acquire basic knowledge on the issues of asylum and access to higher education.

  • You will also benefit from some coaching during the development of your practical project.


  • Degree/Certificate pass/failed
  • Duration Week 36–50
  • Schedule Week 36
    two half-day events week 49/50 (Saturday)
  • Application deadline Week 29–30 – online in IS-Academia
    Total places: 14 + 6 für Partnerschools
  • ECTS credits 3 ECTS credits
  • Costs optional:
    40 CHF for intercultural competence test
  • Teaching language Teaching: German, French and English
    Competency assessment: German, French or English
    Participants must be able to understand all three languages
  • Location Bern
  • School Business School
    Bern University of Applied Sciences
  • Next session Autumn semester