Walk on the Wild Side – Social Work and the City (BSS2.4.27)

This module deals with topics relevant to social work in the contexts of ‘cities’ and ‘urban development’. The aim is to gain an overview on why social work is relevant in this context and how it can play an active role in the respective processes.

  • You learn to read both, social relations/interactions and build environment, from new perspectives.

  • You will understand Social Work as a transdisciplinary approach.

  • You get a deeper insight into field of actors and power relations in urban context.


  • Degree/Certificate Passed/failed
  • Duration Week 50
  • Schedule Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday, 8.15–16.50pm
  • Application deadline Week 29–30 – via registration form
    Number of places 3
  • ECTS credits 2 ECTS credits
  • Costs No additional costs
  • Teaching language Teaching: English
    Competency assessment: English, German
  • Location Bern
  • School School of Social Work
  • Next session Autumn semester