Online application

Online application

Have you decided to pursue your studies at Bern University of Applied Sciences? If so, you can apply online now! By applying online you can keep track of the procedure at all times.


Online application

Start autumn semester 2018




Start spring semester 2019




Depending on your previous education and intended area of study, specific admission conditions apply. Please visit the webpage of the relevant  programme for details or contact the head of the programme for information.


Required documents

Please ensure that you have the following documents pertaining to your previous training in electronic format (documents: PDF/photo material: JPG):



  • ID card or passport*
  • Passport photo according to international passport standards*
  • Diplomas and certificates (e.g. vocational/specialised baccalaureate with grades)
  • Swiss federal certificate of competence with grades
  • Confirmation of work experience or internship
  • curriculum vitae in table format (exception: Engineering and Information Technology)


* mandatory


Depending on the degree programme and previous training, further documents may have to be sent, for example:


  • folder with work examples
  • Residence permit (foreign applicants)
  • etc.


For applications to a Master degree programme proof of completion of the first cycle of studies (Bachelor degree or equivalent qualification) must be submitted, together with the Transcript of Records.




Application (per application)*CHF 100.-
Immatriculation**     CHF 100.-
Tuition fee (per semester)  CHF 750.-
Tuition fee for international students*** (per semester) CHF 950.-
Examination fee (per semester)CHF   80.-
Fee for social and cultural institutions and for sport (per semester)CHF   24.-
Fee for the Students’ Association VSBFH (per semester)CHF   15.-

Additional costs are entailed including photocopying and material costs, which may vary from one degree programme to the other, and other costs for teaching aids, specialised literature, consumables etc.

Fee will be invoiced in due course following online registration and payment is due within 10 days. Waiving of fees or reimbursement, for instance in the event of cancellation or non-participation in the procedure is excluded.


Dossiers are only processed on receipt of payment.


The additional fees for the admission and aptitude examinations amount to between CHF 150.- and CHF 200.- depending on the degree programme.


*   plus CHF 10.– processing fee in the case of payment via pay-in slip / paper invoice.

** Should registration lead to matriculation, the registration fee shall be credited as the matriculation fee.

*** International students are defined as persons of foreign citizenship who at the time of obtaining their university entrance qualification were domiciled under civil law neither in Switzerland nor the Principality of Liechtenstein. This rule applies as of the 2018/19 autumn semester.

Bachelor dates

Degree programmes A-Z




Art Education15.03.2018
Automotive Engineering30.07.2018
Business Administration31.03.2018
Business Information Technology31.03.2018
Civil Engineering31.07.2018
Computer Science30.07.2018
Electrical and Communication Technology30.07.2018
Fine Arts15.03.2018
Food Science & Management (Food Technology)30.04.2018
Forest Science30.04.2018
Industrial Engineering and Management Science30.07.2018
Literary Writing15.03.2018
Mechanical Engineering30.07.2018
Medical informatics30.07.2018
Microtechnology and Medical Technology30.07.2018
Midwifery for qualified nurses15.07.2018
Multimedia Production30.04.2018
Music and Movement/Rhythmics03.04.2018
Nursing for qualified nurses15.04.2018
Nutrition and Dietetics15.01.2018
Social Work28.02.201831.07.2018
Visual Communication15.03.2018
Wood Engineering31.07.2018



If you have missed the application deadline the relevant degree programme head office will be happy to inform you on whether a belated application is possible.

Master dates

Degree programmes A-ZAutumn 2018 Spring 2019  Autumn 2019
Architecture31.05.2018 30.11.2018     
Art Education15.03.2018
Business Administration30.04.2018
Business Information Technology15.05.2018
Composition and Theory30.04.2018
Conservation-Restoration03.04.2018 01.10.2018
Contemporary Arts Practice03.04.2018
Engineering (Civil Engineering and Building Technology)
31.07.2018 31.12.2018
Engineering (Engineering and Information Technology)30.07.2018 31.01.2019
Life Sciences30.04.2018 30.09.2018
Music Pedagogy15.03.2018
Music Performance15.03.2018
Social Work18.06.2018
Specialized Music Performance (Opera)03.04.2018
Specialized Music Performance (Classical)
Sports (Sportwissenschaften)30.04.2018
Theater16.04.2018 01.11.2018
Wood Technology15.06.2018


If you have missed the application deadline the relevant degree programme head office will be happy to inform you on whether a belated application is possible.

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Details on studies

Please visit the website of the corresponding degree programme for information, or contact the degree programme head office:


Bachelor's degree programmes

Master's degree programmes


Student Administration

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