Business Information Technology

Design and guide the digitalisation of businesses; combine your knowledge of business administration and information technology to implement solutions for companies and other organisations.

This degree programme:

  • is for people wanting to build on their basic training in business or IT-related technical fields;
  • shows you how to support businesses with information and communication technology and introduce new approaches to business operations;
  • provides you with a foundation in business and IT, including planning, developing and implementing digital information systems; 
  • allows you to specialise in certain professional fields, leading to excellent career prospects in project management, business analysis or enterprise architecture;
  • can be completed full-time or part-time;
  • offers a range of study abroad options, from an exchange semester to spending your final year at a partner university to earn an additional degree on our double degree programme.
Bachelor Business Information Technology


  • Title/Degree Bachelor of Science (BSc)
  • Specialisations Project Management, Business Analysis, Enterprise Architecture
  • Mode of study 6 semesters full-time; 8 semesters part-time (while working); 8 semesters part-time
  • Start date Once a year in calendar week 38
    Orientation events for new students in calendar week 37
  • Application deadline 31 July
    (guaranteed study place until 31 March)
  • ECTS credits 180 ECTS credits
  • Teaching language Primarily German, approx. 20% English
  • Location Bern
  • School Business School

Study guide and brochures (in German):

  • Programme Handbook

Studienführer BSc Wirtschaftsinformatik

Structure + Content

Our bachelor’s programme in business information technology provides the perfect blend of formal studies and work experience, preparing you to master the complex challenges awaiting you in your career. This degree also qualifies you for a consecutive master’s degree programme (MSc) or other higher education courses.


Business information technology helps businesses establish information and communications technology (ICT) systems. Business information technology focusses on planning, developing and implementing digital information systems. These systems support digital transformation in businesses and open up new approaches to business operations.

Business information technology requires fundamental knowledge and skills in the areas of both business processes and ICT.

Learning outcomes

Our degree programme in business information technology enables you to:

  • grasp complex business ideas and processes using the knowledge gained while studying;
  • analyse, document and optimise business processes, then design digital information systems based on your findings;
  • analyse and design IT strategies and business structures;
  • assess digital technologies and optimise the functionality, quality and efficiency of information systems;
  • brainstorm, execute and lead projects;
  • plan IT services, sourcing strategies, support systems or data centres;
  • evaluate and ensure the availability and security of data and information systems and guarantee data protection;
  • inform clients and other stakeholders of updates in a concise, clear manner tailored to your audience.

Mode of study + Duration

The full-time programme usually last for 3 years or 6 semesters. The workload is comparable to a full-time job. Lectures normally take place from Monday to Friday.

The part-time programme usually last for 4 years or 8 semesters – longer with a lower workload is also possible.

Contact lessons during the first three semesters take place on Thursdays and Fridays (all day) and occasionally on Saturdays until 4pm at the latest. From the 4th semester onwards, attendance depends on the modules you’ve chosen and your specialisation. You should expect approximately 2.5 days of contact lessons.

If you continue to work while studying, there is the opportunity to have your employment credited towards your degree. To receive credits, you will have to demonstrate that you have applied what you have learnt during your course in your job. You can receive a maximum of 12 ECTS credits.


In the age of globalisation and digitalisation, the rapid, successful implementation of IT-based innovations is more important than ever before. Agility plays a key role in meeting these challenges. Organisation, infrastructure and processes must enable continual innovation and adaptation to changing business demands.

Today’s companies and organisations see data as a digital asset that represents a critical foundation for strategic decisions. Students will learn methods for structured data analysis and modelling, data science and machine learning. These methods provide them with the tools they need to analyse, document and visualise data in an efficient, cost-effective and prompt manner.

Specialists who can bridge the gap between business and IT play a central role in the successful development of business applications. With your understanding of the complexity and interconnection of models, how they’re built and adapted, you help guarantee a successful coupling of established, stable systems and agile, adaptive applications.

This specialisation focuses on concepts of corporate sustainability, sustainable demand and the circular economy. This will appeal to students with a prior interest in sustainability as well as those who are new to the topic. In this specialisation, we frame sustainability within the broader context of digitalisation, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Additional information

We partner with numerous top universities worldwide. You may study abroad at another university for one or two semesters. Courses taken during your exchange can be credited towards the Swiss degree, pending approval by the head of your degree programme.

We also offer double degree programmes with selected universities. You will spend your final year of studies at the partner university and graduate with a degree from both institutions.

Certificate of Global Competence

In addition to a degree, you can also acquire our ‘Certificate of Global Competence’. This gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your intercultural competence.

Career Services

We accompany and support you with a range of services relating to job seeking with our Career Services. Look out for more information when you enrol at the Business School.


Projects + Student theses

Practical experience

There are two major practical components to your studies:

Requirements + Admission

You must fulfil the following prerequisites to be admitted to our business information technology programme:

Our BSc in business information technology is intended primarily for individuals with basic training in business or technical fields.

You will be admitted directly if:

  • you have completed vocational training and have the Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency (EFZ) in a related field or have done a vocational baccalaureate with one year of full-time work experience in a field related to business IT;
  • you have a baccalaureate with one year of full-time work experience in a field related to business IT;
  • you have a specialised baccalaureate with one year of full-time work experience in a field related to business IT;
  • you have earned a professional college qualification and qualified for the Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency (EFZ) or completed one year of full-time work experience in a field related to business IT;
  • you have an equivalent degree from a domestic or foreign university (according to the swissuniversities requirements) with one year of full-time work experience in a field related to business IT.

Auditing a course

Please find full details and the application form in the Auditing a course section under Application + Practicalities.

Language skills

You must demonstrate proficiency in both German and English.

Instruction is conducted primarily in German. If German is not your native language, you must demonstrate C1-level proficiency (e.g. Goethe-Zertifikat C1).

Some technical literature will be in English, as will certain parts of instruction.


Transferring to our programme is possible:

  • if you are a current or former student at a different university in the same field of study and would like to continue your studies at BFH (depending on the level you have reached)
  • if you graduated from a professional college with a qualification in business information technology

If you are interested in transferring to our programme, please indicate this in the comments section of our online application and contact us to discuss your options.

We offer the following preparatory courses in summer (CW 32-37):

  • Business accounting
  • Financial accounting
  • Mathematics

The preparatory courses are held in German.

We recommend that part-time students attend the preparatory courses for business and financial accounting just before the 3rd semester.

The enrolment as well as the detailed timetables and contents will be published around the end of April.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact the course administration.

Qualification + Career prospects

Enjoy excellent job prospects following graduation. A bachelor’s degree in business information technology prepares you to bridge the gap between business studies and IT.

Degree + Title

Bachelor of Science BFH in ‘Business information technology with a specialisation in [chosen area of specialisation]’

This bachelor’s degree is federally recognised in Switzerland, compatible with other European systems and helps improve your international mobility. As a recognised university degree, it qualifies you for higher level degrees i.e. master’s programmes in business information technology or related degree programmes at other universities in Switzerland and abroad.

Career prospects

Countless career opportunities await you upon graduation, whether in Switzerland or abroad. You may also decide to pursue a master’s degree in business information technology or other related fields such as business administration or digital business administration.

Application + Practicalities

If you think you would like to study at Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH), then please do not delay. Register now! By registering online you’ll easily be able to see the progress of your application process.

You may only apply for our bachelor’s degree programme via the online application form.

Documents required for online application:

Domestic applicants:

  • Passport-sized photo
  • Copy of passport or ID (back and front)
  • CV/Resumé (in simple tabular form)
  • Baccalaureate certificates and record of marks (if not yet received, a letter of confirmation from the school or a semester report/certificate)
  • EFZ (Federal VET Diploma) with grades (if not yet received, a letter of confirmation from the school or a semester report/certificate) - in the case of having undertaken or undertaking an apprenticeship
  • Work reference/s with experience documented including details on duties, scale of employment in percentages and exact dates of employment period/s
  • Ex-matriculation confirmation, if you have already attended a Swiss university of applied science

International applicants:

  • Passport-sized photo
  • Copy of passport or ID (back and front)
  • CV/Resumé (in simple tabular form) 
  • College / University certificates (as required by swiss universities)
  • Work reference/s with experience documented including details on duties, scale of employment in percentages and exact dates of employment period/s

Online registration: Study start autumn semester 2020

If you have obtained qualifications from other universities or equivalent institutions of higher education based in Switzerland or abroad or have evidence that you possess excellent English language skills, you can apply before the start of your degree programme for recognition of these qualifications. Applications will only be assessed after admission to a degree programme. 

Please click on the ‘Qualification recognition’ check box during your online registration. The following additional documents must be submitted after successful registration:

  • Proof of successfully completed course module(s) (certificates)
  • Module description(s)
  • Curriculum

Degree programme application deadline

If there are available study places by 31 July 2020 at the latest. At the moment, applications are still possible in both study programmes.

Application deadline for transferring

15 June

Petition for recognition
of proficiency level attained
in English

15 August

Deadline for cancellation of application

31 July

Official start of semester

1 August

Induction week

2 days in calendar week 37 (compulsory)

Course commencement (classroom lessons)

calendar week 38


The dates of block weeks and examination weeks can be found in the academic calendar: Enlarge image


Application (per application)* / Matriculation**

CHF 100.–

Tuition fee (per semester)

CHF 750.–

Tuition fee for intemational students*** (per semester)

CHF 950.–

Performance assessment (per semester)

CHF 80.–

Material fees**** (per semester)

CHF 95.–

Voluntary contribution to the student body (per semester)

CHF 15.–

Fee for social, cultural and sport offerings (per semester)

CHF 24.–

Costs for study trip (approx.) 

CHF 1000.– to 2000.–

*plus CHF 10 processing fee for payment via payment slip / paper invoice.
**If the registration leads to enrolment, the registration fee will be credited as the enrolment fee.
***International students are defined as persons of foreign citizenship who at the time of obtaining their university entrance qualification were domiciled under civil law neither in Switzerland nor the Principality of Liechtenstein.
****excl. costs for teaching materials, specialist literature, consumables, etc.

External people may participate in courses as a guest (with no credits given) or as an auditor (with credits). The costs amount to CHF 100 per 1 ECTS-Module and is subject to availability.

Application deadline

Spring semester: 20 December
Autumn semester: 15 July


Want to know more?

We organize Information Events/Open Days for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. You will find the information here as soon as possible.

Student advisory service

If you have any questions regarding admission, study contents or the compatibility of studies, career and private life, you can contact the administration.

Student Services

Bern University of Applied Services
Access Point
Brückenstrasse 73
3005 Bern

Phone  +41 31 848 34 00


Opening hours during the semester


Monday to Friday 8.00 to 16.00 h
Closed Wednesday from 12.30 p.m.
Saturday/Sunday closed

Telephone hours

Monday to Friday 8.00 to 12.30 h, 13.30 to 16.00 h
Wednesday not served from 12.30 noon
Saturday/Sunday closed

Opening hours buildings

Monday to Friday 7.00 to 18.30 h
Saturday 7.00 to 13.00 h
Sunday closed

Location(s) + Facilities

The campus at Brückenstrasse 73 in Bern is in the Marzili quarter, within walking distance of Bern's old town and the main railway station.

Getting here

  • Brückenstrasse can be reached from Bern train station in 10 minutes on foot. 
  • From Bundeshaus-West, the Marzili funicular railway travels down into the Marziliquartier located on the river Aare. Brückenstrasse is located 450 meters away from the station at the bottom of the line. 
  • In the evenings (from 20.37), the number 30 bus runs between the train station and the Marziliquartier (Dampfzentrale stop). 

Directions by car: 

  • Take motorway exit 12 Bern-Ostring and travel towards Zentrum. On Freudenbergerplatz, turn right on to Ostring. At the roundabout, take the second exit on to Thunstrasse. At Thunplatz (roundabout), take the second exit on to Jungfraustrasse. At the end of Jungfraustrasse, take a left on to Marienstrasse. Take the right turn on to Schwellenmattstrasse. Travel over the Dalmazibrücke bridge, take the fourth exit on the roundabout on to Aarstrasse, make a right turn on to Brückenstrasse. 
  • We regret that no parking spaces can be provided for students.


Bern University of Applied Sciences
Business School
Brückenstrasse 73
CH-3005 Bern

Phone        +41 31 848 34 00