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The musical compositions of the past and present require technically and artistically well-educated interpreters for their performance. A broad musical education is combined with the students` own artistic orientation, placing focus on independence, responsibility and awareness of historical contexts. The breadth of the education and the HKB`s interdisciplinary focus prepare the musicians for a market increasingly defined by niches.



Jazz musicians rewrite their texts every time they play. They improvise, interpret, arrange, compose and play in various ensembles. In the Jazz degree programme, the students acquire the basic technical skills, build up a stylistically varied repertoire, and develop an overview of the tradition, the contemporary practice and the context of jazz. A Bachelor degree in this area is a prerequisite for the professionally qualifying MA in Jazz, whether in Performance, Pedagogy or Composing & Arrangement.


Title / Qualification Bachelor of Arts in Music
Main study subjects/ specialisations
  • Jazz (at the Swiss Jazz School)
  • Classical Music with the Majors Instrument/Voice, Composition, Band conducting
  • Sound Arts
Program study options Full-time
Language(s) of instruction German / French
Professional qualification No; a professional qualification can be achieved through the follow-on master’s course.
Course begins Week 38
Deadline for applicationsApplication deadline for the Bachelor program
Subsequent master program Master of Arts in Music Performance
Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy
Master of Arts in Specialized Music Performance
Master of Arts in Composition / Theory
Master of Arts in Contemporary Arts Practice


interpretation, improvisation, and composition. This is done mostly through independent practice and one-to-one lessons. In addition, the course aims to ground students’ critical ability through constant contextualisation in music theory and current developments. The HKB particularly encourages direct links to research and interdisciplinary work. The formation of a professional network and insights into practice supplement the content of the course with occupational skills.

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BA Music

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Head of degree programme

Raphael Camenisch

T +41 31 848 39 76