Industrial Engineering and Management Science

Industrial Engineering and Management Science

Course summary

Industrial engineers and Management scientists are specialists in seamlessly connecting the worlds of engineering, information technology, and business. They understand how to combine innovations in engineering and information technology with entrepreneurial spirit to achieve business success.


Digitalisation requires communication skills and successful solutions
The Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management Science at the Bern University of Applied Sciences focuses on new technologies, value-creation networks, business ecosystems, and business models. Digitalisation requires modern communication skills and successful solutions. To ensure that these requirements are met, the didactic concept of the bachelor programme offers, for instance, blended learning and individual coaching sessions. Collaborations with universities and universities of applied sciences abroad as well as the ongoing acquisition and use of English language skills prepares the students for the globalised job market. Student projects with concrete tasks from industry and business partners contribute the practical profile of the degree programme.


Access to all industries
Challenging transformations are taking place in both the present and future working environment. Practically all industries today are facing technological challenges – the automotive industry, the energy, financial and communication industry, the transportation industry and public administration are just a few examples. This development demands that all of the involved actors possess an advanced understanding of technology. Thanks to their interdisciplinary education, Industrial engineers and Management scientists are equipped to gain access to all industries.


Title / QualificationBachelor of Science BFH in Industrial Engineering and Management Science
Main study subjects/ specialisations
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Business Engineering
Program study optionsFull or part-time
Language(s) of instructionGerman / English
Professional qualificationyes
Course beginsWeek 38
Deadline for applicationsApplication deadline for the Bachelor program
Subsequent Master program

Master of Science in Engineering

Master of Science in Business Administration


Areas of activity
Industrial engineers and Management scientists can generate value for organizations in different positions and activities, for instance, production and logistics; procurement; management and organisation; IT and data management; controlling; consulting; distribution; and research and development.


Development paths and job profiles
Industrial engineers and Management scientists are predestined for leadership positions in projects and in the line organisation. Careers in staff units are also possible. Typical job profiles include product manager, project manager, data scientist, department head, and consultant. Industrial engineers and Management scientists often pursue their creative ideas as entrepreneurs and founders of their own start-ups.

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