Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition and Dietetics

Course summary

Nutritionists who hold a BSc advise and train individuals, groups and organisations with regard to nutritional issues of all kinds. They provide nutritional therapy, advice, education and information.

Their work is scientifically based and they collaborate with scientists from other disciplines. Their clients include people of all ages and from all sectors of the population with a wide variety of different needs. The focus of their work, however, is on advising people who are ill. Nutrition is a wide-ranging and complex field and one that is constantly developing as a result of new scientific findings. Nutritionists need to have comprehensive skills in many different areas in order to acquire sound nutritional expertise. For example, they need to be skilled in communication, medicine, scientific research, psychology, food science, kitchen technology, management science, health promotion and disease prevention.

Giving advice to patients involves consideration of their goals, expectations, experiences, apprehensions and personal situations in order to successfully introduce and support change processes in their nutritional behaviour. Here, nutritionists use a variety of client-oriented approaches when giving advice. They use simple language and teaching tools to present complex information to clients in a way that makes it easy for them to understand and put it into practice. Nutritionists inform the general public about the latest findings in nutritional science and thereby make an important contribution to disease prevention and holistic health promotion.


Title / QualificationBachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics
Program study optionsFull-time
Language(s) of instructionGerman
Professional qualificationyes
Course begins Week 38
Deadline for applicationsApplication deadline for the Bachelor program
Subsequent master programMaster of Science in Life Sciences - Food, Nutrition and Health


As a result of the wide variety of subjects that they have studied, nutritionists work in many different fields. The innovative nature of the Bachelor's course means that new areas of activity are becoming increasingly important.

Work opportunities are available in:

  • hospitals and rehabilitation clinics
  • public nutritional advice centres
  • nutritional advice surgeries
  • old people's and nursing homes
  • industry and business
  • the media
  • doctors' surgeries
  • schools
  • health insurance companies

Possible areas of activity include:

  • acute medicine
  • rehabilitation
  • disease prevention
  • health promotion
  • catering (e.g. in children's day-care centres or canteens)
  • education and upbringing
  • public relations (e.g. courses, training, lectures, etc.)
  • field service
  • research and teaching

Nutritionists have a considerable degree of autonomy when carrying out their activities. Their work is based on scientific findings, combined with strong methodological, technical, communication and social skills as well as a high level of self-reliance.
The fields in which they work include the following:

Nutritional therapy
Using targeted nutritional therapy measures to positively influence diseases, support medical therapies, relieve symptoms and minimise nutrition-dependent risk factors.

Nutritional advice
Working with clients to seek solutions to existing nutrition-related problems or problems putting healthy nutrition into practice, taking clients' personalities and living conditions into consideration.

Nutritional education
Promoting, embedding and supporting positive nutritional behaviour as early as possible in cases where clients need to modify or avoid negative types of behaviour.

Nutritional understanding
Helping clients to consciously recognise their nutritional behaviour and making them aware of nutritional issues.

Nutritional information
Selectively imparting nutritional knowledge so as to increase the level of understanding and create favourable conditions for clients to make the necessary changes.

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BSc Nutrition and Dietetics

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