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The Swiss Federal Institute of Sport in Magglingen (SFISM) is one of Switzerland’s most important educational centres for sports. The Bachelor of Science in Sports program lasts three years and includes a large component dedicated to the practice of sports. Students are trained to teach sports in extra-curricular programs promoting sports and exercise.


Sports experts face some major challenges. Teaching sports means passing on your enthusiasm and specialized knowledge, helping students overcome difficulties through personalized guidance and giving them self-confidence in crises. To achieve all this, you need to have comprehensive knowledge, show a great deal of empathy and be willing to shift your focus from your athletic goals to your professional goals as a sports educator.


This program is intended for interested applicants with a Swiss vocational secondary school diploma, a Swiss university-qualifying secondary school diploma, or equivalent academic qualifications. In addition to these academic qualifications, a broad range of athletic skills is required for admission to the program. These will be tested with an athletic skills assessme


Title/Qualification Bachelor of Science in Sports
Main study subjects/ specialisations

Sports and movement culture

Sports and training science

Sports teaching

Sports economics

Academic papers

Sports training

Program study options Full or part-time/in conjunction with a job
Language(s) of instruction German/French
Campus(es) Magglingen
Professional qualification yes (extra-curricular programs promoting sports and exercise)
Course begins Week 38
Deadline for applicationsApplication deadline for the Bachelor program
Subsequent master program

Master of Science in Sports

Master of Science in Sport Sciences

Special featureThe only course of this type available at a Swiss university of applied sciences


The bachelor's program in Sport imparts abilities for sports teaching as well as for sport and movement promotion in non-school settings. Below are some opportunities for graduates completing the program:

  • Teaching and managing sports activities in the leisure area
  • Teaching and sports counselling in prevention and rehabilitation centres
  • Managing sports companies and organisation of sports events (sport management and tourism)
  • Specialisation in particular sports, e.g. teaching tennis, skiing, swimming, gymnastics, surfing
  • Teaching and coaching in sports associations (leisure or top-level sport)
  • Teacher training for associations or state institutions

Detailed information

BSc Sport

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Head of degree programme

Urs Rüdisühli

+41 58 467 63 47