Master of Science in Business Information Technology

Master of Science in Business Information Technology

Course summary

The Master of Science in Business Information Technology is a scientifically based and practically oriented extra-occupational degree course focusing on business information technology. It follows on from a Bachelor in Business Information Technology or Bachelor in Business Administration with business information technology as area of specialisation. Aside from enhancing specialist skills, the main focus is on improving applied research skills, problem-solving and analytical skills and reflective and assessment skills.


The Master degree course imparts sound skills in IT management, strategic and operative process management and project and change management. It also includes specialisation in the area of information management, IT governance and risk and compliance.


Title / QualificationMaster of Science in Business Information Technology
Program study optionsFull or part-time/in conjunction with a job
Language(s) of instructionPredominantly German, shorter sessions in English
Course beginsWeek 38
Deadline for applications

Application deadline for the Master program

Admission is guaranteed until 15 May.


St. Gallen University of Applied Sciences, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Zurich University of Applied Sciences - School of Management and Law


The aim of the consecutive Master degree course in Business Information Technology is to provide scientifically based, practically oriented continuing vocational and management training. Ambitious Bachelor graduates are given the opportunity to develop their practical skills in order to assume demanding specialised and managerial duties in the information technology sector, and to address these duties with the appropriate entrepreneurial attitude. Graduates are equipped to manage processes, projects and programmes across the entire information technology spectrum. They can be employed in profit and non-profit organisations in all sectors, and are distinguished by their scientifically based and solution-oriented approach.

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Head of degree programme

Prof. Dr. Petra Asprion

+41 31 848 34 25



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