Master of Arts in Design

Master of Arts in Design

Course summary

The MA Design of the Bern University of the Arts HKB offers you an individual course for design and design-research projects with a high degree of social relevance in the fields of Design Entrepreneurship and Design Research, as a full-time student or as a part-time student.

Professional design has undergone a major change. Since its means of production, its basic knowledge and its methods have become accessible to a larger public, the economic value of traditional services in communication design and product design has been decreasing. At the same time, designers today are developing innovative solutions for socially relevant problems. The MA Design is focussed exclusively on your project. Your supervisor will guide you in the development of your idea into a sustainable concept.

On the “Design Entrepreneurship” track you will conclude your studies with a concept for a design-based product or service that you can make into the basis of a subsequent entrepreneurial career. On the “Design Research” track you will conclude your studies with a plan for a research project that you will carry out in your subsequent academic career.


Title / QualificationMaster of Arts in Design
  • Design Entrepreneurship
  • Design Research
Program study optionsFull or part-time/in conjunction with a job
Language(s) of instructionGerman, English
Course beginsSpring semester: Week 8
Autumn semester: Week 38
CoorporationJunior Design Research Conference Board
Deadline for applicationsApplication deadline for the Master program


With your final project you will apply  for design support or start-up support and found your own company. The part-time course (over 5 semesters) is designed for students who would already like to apply their knowledge directly in the practical field during their studies, or who have begun working after completing their first degree and would now like to expand their abilities, to specify their business idea or improve their career possibilities without having to interrupt their professional activities.

With your final project you will apply for research support or for admission to a doctoral programme, in particular at the Graduate School of the Arts of the University of Bern and the HKB – an institution that is unique in all of Switzerland (via the specialised Master in Research on the Arts of the University of Bern). The part-time course (over 5 semesters) is designed both for students who, in parallel with their studies, would like to work as a research assistant in a project of one of the BUA research areas, in particular in the Communication Design research area, and for students who would like to develop a research project alongside their current work as a designer.

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MA Design

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Head of degree programme

Robert Lzicar

T +41 31 848 49 02


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