Master of Arts in Theater

Master of Arts in Theater

Course summary

The Master’s degree programme, with its Expanded Theater specialisation, is internationally unique. It is orientated towards the performing arts and gives students the opportunity to realise their own artistic projects in an international market.


The course is designed to correspond to the students’ individual special interests. Acknowledged theatrical personalities work with students on all the artistic and organisational aspects of their productions. High standards in terms of artistic presentation are combined with self-reliance, flexibility and transdisciplinary competencies. At the same time, the degree course also includes set design, lighting, sound, media and management, beyond the production itself. The course of study is not only geared towards actors and actresses but also explicitly to artists from other disciplines such as dancers and performers.


Title / QualificationMaster of Arts in Theatre
SpecialisationsThe Master of Arts in Theatre is part of the Master-Campus-Theater CH, with its six specialisation areas at four Swiss universities. The Bern University of the Arts offers the specialisation in Expanded Theater.
Program study optionsFull-time
Language(s) of instructionGerman, English
Campus(es)Bern and other locations of the Master-Campus-Theater CH
Course beginsWeek 38
Deadline for applicationsApplication deadline for the Master program
Co-operationsMaster-Campus-Theater-CH (Swiss drama schools in Berne, Lausanne, Verscio and Zurich), universities within and beyond Europe


Graduates from this course of study earn the title Master of Arts in Theater with a specialisation in Expanded Theater. The degree enables graduates to develop and realise artistic ideas that go beyond the usual realm of theatre. Graduates are capable of initiating, planning, directing, realising and staging their own productions with regard to the interest of the audience.

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Head of degree programme

Wolfram Heberle

T +41 31 312 38 65