Master of Science in Sport Sciences

Master of Science in Sport Sciences

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The Master of Science in Sport Sciences course specialising in «Teaching» or «Health and Research» is a Joint Master of the Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen (SFISM) and the University of Fribourg.


Aside from focusing on sport sciences, the course specialising in «Teaching» focuses on specific topics with a view to a potential career as a sport instructor at Sec II level secondary schools. Graduates are taught how to apply scientific methods, deal with insights into sport sciences and integrate them effectively into practical sport activities.


In the Master of Science in Sport Sciences specialising in «Health and Research» the focus is placed on scientific topics related to health research and promotion. Students are introduced to scientific study and conduct research projects on their own as part of the health research component.


Title / QualificationMaster of Science in Sport Sciences
  • Teaching
  • Health and Research
Program study optionsFull-time
Language(s) of instructionGerman, French
Campus(es)Magglingen, Fribourg
Course beginsWeek 38
Deadline for applicationsApplication deadline for the Master program
Co-operationsUniversity of Fribourg


Graduates of the course are awarded a «Master of Science in Sport Sciences with Specialisation in Teaching or Health and Research».


Potential careers depending on specialisation focus:


  • Sport instructor at secondary level II secondary schools
  • Career in the preventive sector
  • Career in research into movement sciences

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MSc Sport Sciences

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Head of degree programme

Andres Schneider

T +41 58 467 62 45