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The Canton of Bern has a dense, well-connected network of public transport (buses, trams, S-Bahn rapid transit railway and PostAuto buses).

Public transport

Swiss Federal Railways SBB

SBB timetable

BLS Lötschbergbahn AG

Timetable, network, tips for excursions


Timetable for BernMobil

S-Bahn Bern

Timetables, network, fares


Timetables, network, fares


Your safe way home: Thursdays to Saturdays until well past
midnight with 18 night bus services in 18 directions from Bern


Libero tariff network (Bern, Biel and Solothurn)

Verkehrsbetriebe Biel

Timetable and network for Verkehrsbetriebe Biel

BLS Busland AG

Bus network for the city of Burgdorf

Private transport


The Mobility pass opens the door to 2,600 vehicles at 1,300 locations throughout Switzerland, 24 hours a day (discounts are available for students). is the Internet’s largest car-sharing platform for advertising car-sharing opportunities in Switzerland and Europe.

Bern rollt

Free bike, e-bike, scooter and skateboard hire in the city of Bern

Rent a Bike

Bike hire from SBB

Velostation Bern

Bern’s bike parks (Velostationen) offer accessible, well-located, high-quality parking for your bike.


The innovative bike-sharing system


GA Junior travelcard

Young people between 16 and 25 years of age are eligible for a discounted GA travelcard from SBB.

Track 7 card

The Track 7 card gives all 16 to 25-year-olds free travel after 7pm.

Mobility for students

Mobility gives all students a no ties 4-month pass. Afterwards, they can get an annual pass for the discounted price of CHF 70.


Das Mobility-Abo öffnet Türen von 2600 Fahrzeugen an 1300 Standorten in der ganzen Schweiz, und dies während 24 Stunden am Tag (Vergünstigungen für Studierende). ist die grösste Mitfahrzentrale im Internet zur Vermittlung von Mitfahrgelegenheiten in der Schweiz und Europa.

Bern rollt

Gratis-Verleih von Velos, E-Bikes, Trottinetts und Skateboards in der Stadt Bern

Rent a Bike

Veloverleih der SBB

Velostation Bern

Die Velostationen Bern bieten gut erreichbare und qualitativ hochwertige Abstellmöglichkeiten in bester Lage.


Das innovative bikesharing-System


The Bern University of the Arts HKB is a department of Bern University of Applied Sciences. Hosting more than 300 events each year, it is one of Bern’s largest cultural venues. Its events cover all spheres of the arts (literature, music, theatre, opera, art, design, etc.) and are usually free. Take a look at the events calendar.

The city of Bern is also home to countless museums and galleries – from the Zentrum Paul Klee to the Swiss Rifle Museum and the Einsteinhaus. The region’s larger centres are also home to a number of famous art galleries. Visiting zoos and botanical gardens, palaces, festivals and other cultural events gives you an opportunity to leave your everyday routine behind.

A summary of current exhibitions, festivals and other events can be found in the city's various events and cultural calendars:

Berner Kulturagenda

The listings magazine Berner Kulturagenda is published every Wednesday. It features a listing of cultural offerings in the Bern region and a commentary in the form of an independent editorial.


The monthly culture magazine ensuite reports on events, culture and society in Bern. A large part of the magazine is dedicated to the detailed cultural programme. The events calendar can also be accessed online.


The city’s magazine for going out, concerts, lifestyle and more is published monthly.