Students can purchase hardware at special rates from various suppliers:


  • BFH students can purchase hardware for their private use at special conditions in the new BFH webshop of our hardware partner ARP/Bechtle. 

  • A valid BFH e-mail address and a credit card are required for the order.

  • Students can purchase selected Apple, HP and Lenovo devices at attractive prices as part of the Neptune project.

  • The hardware recommended by the Neptune project can be ordered online through specific sales partners during two sales slots (Wave Falls) at the beginning of each semester.

  • There are two four-week Neptun Waves per year, generally these take place in September and February at the beginning of each semester.

  • Between the Neptune Waves there is a reduced offer with smaller discounts

  • Neptune customers can also take advantage of a range of support offers.


  • All members of BFH can register in DataQuest's online shop and benefit from the discounts and promotions on Apple products.

  • The prerequisite is a valid BFH e-mail address, which is used as the username.

  • The registration remains active for one year. Thereafter a renewal is necessary.
  • Students and university staff can benefit from EDU prices (education prices) on Mac computers, Apple software and selected accessories.

  • Important: Please note the general conditions (sales policies)

HP Student Store

  • Hewlett-Packard offers student discount on equipment directly via www.students.ch.

  • You need to register on the platform and enter your student ID number (BFHcard) to place an order.

  • Members of various Swiss educational institutions – including BFH – enjoy special discounts on various hardware and software products via this platform.

  • You need a personal account with your own BFH e-mail address to place orders.

  • The number of orders per person is limited.
  • This online shop for laptops, tablets and computers is exclusively available to students, pupils, trainees and teaching staff in Switzerland, offering a large selection of brand devices all year around at attractive prices thanks to special educational terms.