Selfhelp portal

​You can use the portal to change your BFH password, forward e-mails to an external account or block your BFHcard.

On the selfhelp portal the following functions are available once you have logged in with your BFH user name and password:

Changing your password

Under the "change password" heading in the portal, you can change the personal password for your BFH user account. Please note the password guidelines.

Forwarding e-mails

You can forward your e-mails to an external e-mail account if required. You are responsible for ensuring that the external inbox works and that you can receive and read the BFH messages. You set up mail forwarding in the "redirect e-mail" menu.

Blocking your BFHcard

If you lose your BFHcard you can block it online in the selfhelp portal. Once blocked, all of the card's functions are deactivated immediately. After blocking a lost or stolen card, a replacement card has to be ordered from the relevant department. If the blocked card has any remaining credit, this will be transferred automatically to the replacement card. A replacement card is normally issued within 48 hours.