BFH offers its students a software palette free of charge. In addition, BFH students can purchase software at special rates from various suppliers.

Free software

Matlab steht den Technischen Studierende (STEM) und Mitarbeitenden als Home Use Lizenz kostenlos für den nicht kommerziellen Einsatz als Jahreslizenz zur Verfügung.

Vorgehen zum Bezug und Installation auf einem privaten Gerät:

  1. Einen Account bei Mathworks erstellen
  2. Installieren gemäss Anleitung Windows oder Mac
  3. Die Installation unter Linux ist sinngemäss

Nur Mitarbeitende/Studierende der Departemente AHB & TI dürfen diese Lizenzen nutzen und können die Anleitungen lesen.

Studierende der BFH können in Microsoft Azure vergünstigte oder kostenlose Software beziehen.

  • BFH students can get various applications from the Microsoft 365 Portal easily and free of charge.

  • As a user name, use your BFH ID code e-mail address (e.g. and BFH password.
  • The programs can be installed on up to five PCs and Macs and additionally be used on up to five mobile devices
  • University members can use this Microsoft software platform for testing, teaching or research purposes.
  • The Imagine login is based on SWITCHaai, so you can register using your BFH login.
  • The software can only be used for training and research purposes (not commercial use).
  • With Mindjet MindManager you can create and edit mind maps.
  • As a BFH student , you can use Mindjet completely free of charge on your private device during your studies.
  1. Register at

  2. After registering you will receive an e-mail with your password.

  3. Log on at

  4. Upload a scan of your BFHcard to your profile to create a digital ID.

  5. Use your ID to obtain your Mindjet serial number at


Um aktuelle Adobe CC Produkte verwenden zu können, ist eine persönliche Adobe ID zwingend notwendig.

Discounted software

  • ​BFH students and employees can make use of the special discounts on various hardware and software products on this platform.

  • Orders must be made through a personal account using the BFH e-mail address.
  • There is a limited number of orders per person.

Please note: certain products are reserved for employees and lecturers for contractual and licensing reasons - for example the products in the 'Microsoft work-at-home' category.

  • Various Adobe software products are available at attractive terms to students, lecturers, educational institutions and their employees.

  • You may be required to prove BFH membership using your BFH e-mail address or student or employee BFHcard

Vergünstigte Bezugsmöglichkeiten für Studierende zB bei Scientific Solutions.

Voraussetzung: Kopie der Legitimationskarte (BFH-Card) beilegen.