10 Years of the Master Degree in Wood Technology

The Master of Science in Wood Technology programme is celebrating its 10th anniversary. More than 50 graduates are now working for national and international companies as highly sought-after professionals.

Meeting New Challenges

Ten years ago, Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) in Biel added a master’s programme to its range of courses in wood technology. In a globalised, digitally connected and increasingly complex world, greater demands are being made of specialists and managers – including those in the Swiss wood industry. BFH’s Master of Science in Wood Technology programme reflects this trend.

Regional – National – International

The early stages of the new programme began inauspiciously: the first students enrolled at BFH started their master's programme in the autumn semester of 2009 with the cooperation partner at Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences in Germany. They continued their course in Biel in the spring 2010 semester. Over 50 students have completed the master’s programme at BFH and are now working as highly sought-after experts or managers. With their knowledge and skills, they make important contributions to the competitiveness of the regional and national wood industry and ensures that Swiss expertise is recognised, appreciated and applied internationally.

In Tandem with Research

Another benefit for the economy is the integration  of students in research activities. On one hand, the graduates bring scientific methods to partner companies. On the other, the English-language master’s programme has also had a significant influence on research at BFH in Biel over the past ten years. The research activities at BFH in their present form would be barely conceivable without the master’s students. They contribute to the interdisciplinary nature of the research, the expansion of the international network, the diversity found in Biel and the global perception of research and lecturing at BFH.

Due to the exceptional situation caused by COVID-19, the celebration was postponed to June 2021.


The first students enrolled in Biel started the programme at Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences in Germany.


The programme continued in Biel in the spring with the students from Rosenheim.


The first candidates completed their master’s programme.


Changes to the curriculum:

  • Two specialisations emerged from the eight Master Research Units
  • English became the language used for teaching


Changes to the curriculum:

  • The programme content was revised according to current developments in the timber and construction industry
  • The mandatory semester in Rosenheim was removed


French-speaking students have the opportunity to obtain a dual degree in cooperation with the École Supérieure du Bois (ESB) in Nantes, France


The programme was geared towards part-time study


The Master of Science in Wood Technology programme celebrates its 10th anniversary

50 students had successfully completed the master’s programme by autumn 2019. Ten of them were female.

  • Ahmadi Hassan
  • Alves Joachim
  • Bianchi Sauro
  • Böger Thomas
  • Buividé Vitkeviciute Indre
  • Chang Chuan-Hou
  • Depnering Tobias
  • Eichhorn Florian
  • Fernandez Sebastian
  • Freese-Desforges Auram
  • Hofmann Felix
  • Homerin Benoît
  • John-Jentzsch Ellen
  • Kaiser Patrick
  • Kalt Raphael
  • Kramer Andreas
  • Kyriazopoulos Michail
  • Magnan Vincent
  • Magnière Noëlie
  • Marto João Vitor António
  • Meier Simon
  • Melian Amabel
  • Mueller David
  • Mulenga Charles
  • Naderer  Elisabeth
  • van Zwieten Willem
  • N'guessan Simon
  • Plantaz-Divoux Marie-Laure
  • Rambert Diane
  • Raynovski Vladimir
  • Reshiti Femi
  • Rezaei Fatemeh
  • Rosenkranz Andreas
  • Ruberu Quentin
  • Schiere Marcus
  • Schlüssel  Marc
  • Schmitz Sebastian
  • Selvarajah Ramraj
  • Sills Nicholas
  • Smole Joze
  • Teklebrhan Desbele
  • Themessl Adam
  • Tschannen Christof
  • Van Dijk Steven
  • Vermeiren Michaël
  • Viemeister Daniel
  • von Fehrn Henriette
  • Weber Michael
  • Wirth Filipp
  • Zoran Kaja

Kaja Zoran, Graduate Master’s programme 2015

Nicolas Sills, Graduate Master’s programme 2014

Simon Meier, Graduate Master’s programme 2016

Master Wood Technology - Complex Timber Structures: Our three experts

We offer the Master of Science in Wood Technology in cooperation with Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences (Germany).

École supérieure du Bois (ESB) in Nantes (FR): French-speaking students can apply for a dual diploma.

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