Road safety of two-lane roundabouts

The accident occurrence on several roundabouts will be analyzed and assessed. From these results it is possible to deduce recommendations for the geometrical design of two-lane roundabouts.

Fiche signalétique

  • Département HESB | Technique et informatique
  • Pôle de recherche Développement urbain et l'infrastructure
  • Responsable du projet Doerfel Marion
  • Direction du projet Martin Stolz

Contexte initial

The research project will analyze accidents at selected roundabouts of the relevant types and determine abnormalities and differences. The accident rate per roundabout will be determined and the dispersion of accident rates will be analyzed. Analyses of accident occurrences and geometrical data will provide possible relations and give explainations of abnormalities in accident occurrences. Recommendations on the choice of geometrical design features could be possible.