Unido, Accreditation Lab FORIG

Preparation of a wood and furniture testing laboratory towards ISO 17025 accreditation in Ghana.

Fiche signalétique

  • Département HESB | Architecture, bois et génie civil
  • Pôle de recherche Matériaux et la technologie du bois
  • Champ de recherche Matériaux composites et développement de mobilier
  • Durée 07.08.2013 - 01.08.2016
  • Responsable du projet Urs Uehlinger
  • Direction du projet Christoph Männle
  • Équipe du projet Kurt Wüthrich
    Maurice Y. Brunner
    Urs Uehlinger
    Christoph Männle
  • Partenaires - établissements de recherche, y c. BFH HESB | Architecture, bois et génie civil
  • Mots-clés Unido, FORIG, Ghana, accreditation, lab, ISO 17025

Contexte initial

The products are captured in a value creation chain analysis, for which the laboratory is to be established. The BFH AHB provides support as a consultant as the test lab can be built according to specifications of ISO 17025. Parallel support in building a national standards work is carried out.


Accredited wood and furniture laboratory. National standards in the wood sector in Ghana.