Swiss Low Input Genetics (SLIG) - Breeding functional dairy cows for low-input production systems using whole genome re-sequence data

The project applies latest genomic technology to breed healthy, long-living dairy cows for grassland systems. The use of whole genome-resequence data will enhance routine breeding value estimation and facilitate the management of inbreeding

Fiche signalétique

  • Département responsable Haute école des sciences agronomiques, forestières et alimentaires
  • Institut Systèmes de produc- tion agricole éco- nomes en ressources
  • Unité de recherche Animaux de rente et chevaux
  • Organisation d'encouragement Innosuisse
  • Durée 01.08.2013 - 31.12.2017
  • Responsable du projet Jürg Moll
  • Direction du projet Christine Flury
  • Équipe du projet Fritz Schmitz-Hsu
    Jürg Moll
    Heidi Signer-Hasler
    Christine Baes
    Christine Flury
  • Partenaire Swissgenetics
    Qualitas AG
    IOWA State University - Dept. of Animal Science
  • Mots-clés whole-genome resequencing, cattle breeding, genetic diversity


Aim of the project: Implementation of whole genome re-sequence data into routine genetic evaluation and development of a tool to control inbreeding for Swiss dairy cattle breeding programs.


This project applies the latest genomic technology to breed healthy, long-living dairy cows for roughage-based production systems. The use of whole genome re-sequence data (WGS) will considerably increase the value of genetic exports, enhance breeding value estimation methods and facilitate management of inbreeding. This is one of the first projects applying WGS in routine genetic evaluation worldwide and is expected to markedly increase the export of Swiss dairy genetics.