Improving competitives of the forest-wood chain by supporting SME

WOODISM is a Specific Support Action under the "Stepping up Economic and Technological Intelligence" (ETI) programme of the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) for Research and Technological Development.

Fiche signalétique

  • Département HESB | Architecture, bois et génie civil
  • Pôle de recherche Economie numérique de la construction et du bois
  • Champ de recherche Management et études de marché
  • Organisme de financement SEFRI
  • Durée 01.01.2005 - 31.08.2006
  • Responsable du projet Marc-André Gonin
  • Direction du projet Milena Properzi
  • Équipe du projet Milena Properzi
  • Mots-clés wood, forestry, SMEs, FP6 projects

Contexte initial

The services it offers for SMEs and researchers are: - Individual assistance and consultation through its broad network of national contacts - Support in finding a project partner through its SME/project database - Information and training on EU project related topics.


The goal is to stimulate, encourage and facilitate the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises in wood-based business in FP6 and in FP7.


WOODISM focused on whole sector of wood and wood industry, as these consist of interrelated sectors, each of them having a considerable influence on the performance of the others. Thanks to the 12 partner countries the dissemination and cooperation in IP and NoE at national and European level could be guaranteed and improved.