Prediction and Assessment of Life-cycle Performance of Timber Structures

The Bern University of Applied Sciences cooperates in a European Cost project. Together with Swiss partners, an analysis grid will be developed for the compilation of damage in timber construction.

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An extensive grid or the collection and evaluation by damage will be compiled in a series of steps using the newest software and methods. A large-scale collection of damaged timber constructions is aimedfor that includes the causes of the damage in addition to the damage itself. The evaluation will lead to new knowledge in timber construction which will bve translated into English to distribute the knowledge.


Swiss experts will be eabled to participate in Cost E55. An analysis grid for damage in timber construction will be developed and distributed for application.

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The Bern University of Applied Sciences unites the expert knowledge in timber construction to a Swiss solution in damage recording. New knowledge in the area of damage avoidance will be created.


An evaluation template for structures was developed and an inventory of timber structures and their maintenance plans was carried out.


Monitoring programs for various structures can be created. Tools can be developed to capture all relevant metrics, interactively evaluate them and trigger an alarm when a defined limit is reached.