ThermoDens - An innovative thermo densification method for wooden surfaces.

The aim of the project is to gain quantitative and qualitative information on the potential of an innovative thermo densification method for wooden surfaces.

Fiche signalétique

  • Département HESB | Architecture, bois et génie civil
  • Pôle de recherche Matériaux et la technologie du bois
  • Champ de recherche Modification du bois et traitement de surface
  • Organisme de financement COST
  • Durée 01.07.2007 - 30.06.2008
  • Responsable du projet Frédéric Pichelin
  • Direction du projet Milena Properzi
  • Équipe du projet Frédéric Pichelin
    Milena Properzi
    Lauri Rautkari
  • Partenaires - établissements de recherche, y c. BFH ENSTIB
  • Mots-clés Thermal densification, wood, solid wood, linear vibration welding

Contexte initial

The research work will be focused on the determination of the mechanical and hygroscopic properties of thermo-densified wooden surfaces. A special emphasis will be given to the understanding of the phenomena leading to thermo-densification surfaces by linear friction welding.


Thermal densification of wood by linear vibration welding

Compétences clés

Wood material sciences, thermal densification of wood


The potential of linear vibration friction as an innovative means of producing increases in both surface density and surface hardness was explored. The influence of processing pressure and time on the degree of surface densification, surface hardness and surface elasticity were investigated. The chemical modifications and wettability changes in friction densification have been investigated with FTIR spectroscopy and contact angle measurements.


Linear vibration friction showed to be suitable for spruce wood surface densification and increase of both glossiness and surface elasticity. The experimented technique showed certain potentials for future developments.