Welding for wood: investigation of phenomena for technology upgrades

The scope of this collaborative research project is to improve the welding of wood and the welding wood processes for wood construction application using experimental and modelling approaches.

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Explaining and predicting the thermo-hygromechanical behaviour of the wood during and after wood welding processes with the specific objectives: determine thermochemical and thermophysical reactions and their mecanisms and implication in the adhesion; qualify and improve the quality specially for water resistance; computational model of the material during the process; up-scaling to elements for the wood construction


The main objective of this project is to understand the formation and the behaviour of the welded interface from different welding processes in order to predict the mechanical behaviour of welded connnections and components.

Compétences clés

Dowel and surface friction welding of wood, wood chemistry, wood densification, wood technology, process engineering, wood thermodynamics, porous materials, modeling of heat and mass transport and of mechanical behaviour, civil engineering