Landscape planning for forest biodiversity and diverse forestry.

According to a state report of 2015, it will not be possible to meet Sweden´s Environmental Objective "Sustainable Forests" with current policy instruments.

Fiche signalétique

  • Département HESB|Haute école des sciences agronomiques,forestières et alimentaires
  • Pôle de recherche Forêt multifonctionnelle
  • Champ de recherche Sciences forestières internationales
  • Durée (prévue) 01.04.2016 - 30.04.2019
  • Responsable du projet Astrid Zabel von Felten
  • Direction du projet Astrid Zabel von Felten
  • Équipe du projet Astrid Zabel von Felten
  • Partenaires - établissements de recherche, y c. BFH SLU Umeå
    Uppsala Universität
  • Mots-clés Landscape planning, environmental economics, Sweden

Contexte initial

While project partners in Sweden are adressing the legal and ecological parts of the project, the economic research is being conducted at HAFL in collaboration with SLU Umeå. The goal is to design a new policy measure based on an environmental tax-fund system for conservation. Ideally, it should be fully funded, internalize the cost of ecosystem services and address equity concerns by creating a more even distribution of the costs of conservation measures among forest owners.


The project seeks to explore legal and ecological preconditions as well as policy instruments for spatial planning of forest landscapes.

Compétences clés

Environmental economics, policy design