Evaluation de la durabilité des systèmes agricoles et alimentaires

To offer a fair playing field, FAO built on existing efforts to develop guidelines for food value chain analysis that serve as a template for food chain sustainability analysis, primarily for the use of food manufacturers and retailers.

Fiche signalétique

  • Département HESB|Haute école des sciences agronomiques,forestières et alimentaires
  • Pôle de recherche Systèmes de production agricole économes en ressources
  • Champ de recherche Durabilité et écosystèmes
  • Durée 01.03.2011 - 31.12.2013
  • Responsable du projet Jan Grenz
  • Direction du projet Jan Grenz
  • Équipe du projet Susanne Stalder
    Jan Grenz
    Madeleine Kaufmann
    Christian Thalmann
  • Partenaires - secteur public FAO
  • Mots-clés sustainable agriculture, assessment, value chains, holistic

Contexte initial

The SAFA Guidelines provide an international reference for sustainable management, monitoring and reporting in food and agriculture at all levels of the supply chain. SAFA defines what sustainable food and agriculture systems are, incl. environmental integrity, economic resilience, social well-being and good governance. It outlines a procedure for a holistic analysis of sustainability, incl. the selection of appropriate indicators and rating of sustainability performance.


Develop Guidelines on Sustainability Assessment of Food Value Chains

Compétences clés

Development of multi-dimensional indicator systems for food and agriculture. Comprehensive knowledge of existing indicator systems and standards, international network in this field.


Pilot studies of the SAFA Guidelines are conducted between December 2012 and March, 2013. A workshop at FAO head offices will serve to evaluate experiences made during the pilot studies and determine how the Guidelines can be optimised.