Poken: A Social Networking Device

For a young start-up company a key-fob has been developed. Based on RFID technology sozial data can be exchanged with others and linked to social communities like Linked-In or Facebook.

Fiche signalétique

  • Département HESB | Technique et informatique
  • Pôle de recherche Human Centered Engineering
  • Champ de recherche Human Centered Engineering
  • Durée 01.07.2008 - 20.07.2009
  • Direction du projet Marcel Jacomet
  • Équipe du projet Marco Spirig
    Lorenz Müller
  • Partenaires - secteur privé Poken SA
  • Mots-clés Poken, social networking, RFID

Contexte initial

Picture yourself on a university campus, or in a bar. You come across friends, and meet some new acquaintances. You would like to pursue these new friendships by staying in touch. Instead of jotting down each person’s email address, you simply pull your Poken out of your pocket and touch it against the other person’s Poken. Next time you log in to your social network, your profiles are linked and you can access services such as viewing your social interactions in a timeline.


The main goal is the development of a low power RFID communication, running on a button-cell battery for several months. The development started with prototypes for the complete Poken hardware and software and ended at its mass production.

Compétences clés

Hardware algorithms, miniaturization and chip design, RFID technology.