APP Domicil Bern

BFH Health Professions and the BFH Institute on Ageing have had an academic and practice partnership with Domicil Bern since 2014.

For several years, BFH Health Professions has had a successful partnership with Domicil Bern that focuses on care development and quality assurance. BFH Health Professions and the BFH Institute on Ageing have had an academic and practice partnership (APP) with Domicil Bern since 2014.

The APP is led by a joint strategic committee. The APP’s projects are planned and implemented in close collaboration with the employees of Domicil Bern, BFH Health Professions and the BFH Institute on Ageing. This enables knowledge and skills to be shared in an optimal and resource-efficient way, and promotes continual exchange between project employees and in the form of training and continuing education. This structured collaboration provides an ideal space in which to develop innovative projects that benefit both research and practice.

Topical focus areas

The APP is currently concentrating on three focus areas:

Digitalisation and technology

Technological developments present a variety of challenges for long-term inpatient care. At the same time, they also have the potential to develop and optimise this field. As part of the APP, we are working on how to combine technology and practical needs.

Nutrition in old age

Older people are at higher risk of malnutrition. A balanced diet that is appropriate to a person’s age helps increase quality of life and decrease the risk of malnutrition. The APP aims to develop an optimised nutritional offering for residents of long-term care, recognise malnutrition early and implement nutritional measures where appropriate.

Practice development regarding use of time

When it comes to long-term inpatient care, there is an intrinsic conflict between the staff’s structured working hours and the lives of the residents. The APP is working to shape work processes and staff attitudes and support residents in order to make working hours less stressful for staff and make residents’ lives more fulfilling.


The APP team is made up of Domicil and BFH employees in key roles who help shape and impact research, teaching and practice. The interactive approach makes for an effective collaboration that contributes to dynamic mutual knowledge transfer and promotes innovation.


Every year on the first Tuesday in November, Domicil AG and BFH (Department of Health Professions and Institute on Ageing) employees meet for an ‘APPdate’. This event is an opportunity for employees of the two institutions to network and also offers professional input.

Academic and practice partnerships and collaborations

Academic and practice partnerships are a strategic instrument that aims to promote rigorous, active collaboration between the worlds of work and academia. This form of collaboration aims to ensure that necessary innovations are implemented, thereby allowing challenges in the healthcare sector to be addressed at an early stage. Academic and practice partnerships have the potential to contribute to maintaining and improving quality in practice, teaching and research.


  • Exchange between teaching, practice and research
  • Practice-oriented research and development to ensure evidence-based care
  • Management development to optimise leadership
  • Involvement of affected individuals and relatives to further develop care and research
  • Opportunity for staff members to work in the other partner institution

BFH currently participates in academic and practice partnerships with Insel Gruppe Bern, Lindenhofgruppe Bern and Domicil Bern AG. BFH also collaborates with Integrated Psychiatry Services Winterthur – Zürcher Unterland.