We derive the right research questions and use appropriate study designs, data and methods to support you in your efforts to increase efficiency and fairness of the Swiss healthcare system.

Cost effectiveness and budget impact analyses

We develop de-novo cost-effectiveness, budget impact and pricing models or adapt your models to the Swiss context. We offer the implementation of economic models, the analysis of clinical trial data, the calculation of cost inputs and network meta-analyses from a single source. We offer advice during all stages of your clinical development programs to generate robust and relevant evidence for product strategy and market access.

Network meta-analysis

We carry out network meta-analyses of individual patient data and published studies. We specialize in network meta-analysis of time-to-event outcomes and also carry out methodological research in this area.

Empirical Health Economics

We analyse the decision-making behaviour of key players in the Swiss healthcare system (physicians, health insurance providers, patients, etc.) and evaluate current health policy reforms. Our methodological expertise covers a wide range of approaches from the fields of econometrics, causal analysis and machine learning, and also extends to experimental methods.

Laboratory and field experiments

In addition to retrospective data analyses (e.g. population curves, claims data), we design, plan and implement laboratory and field experiments for you. These experiments allow you to assess the effects of health care interventions on medical decision making (e.g. the effects of clinical guidelines on prescribing behavior) in a robust and meaningful manner.

System dynamics simulation models

We analyze dynamic and complex decision problems in the Swiss health care system from a systems theory perspective.

  • In a first step, we focus on the interactions between the decision problem and related components of the health care system.
  • In a second step, we emulate the identified interactions in system dynamics computer simulations to design and evaluate potential solutions to your challenges.

Model development and consulting workshops

We offer tailored model development and consulting workshops in which we work with your team to tackle complex organisational questions and problems. These workshops follow a structured, team-based approach that develops a holistic visualisation and better understanding of your issues. This is known as ‘problem mapping’. The qualitative problem mapping process can be complemented by quantitative system dynamics computer simulation models.