About us

We bring together an interdisciplinary group of applied health researchers and social scientists committed to generate highest quality evidence for health and care. Working in a range of national and international settings, our research impacts on maternal and infant health. We are particularly dedicated to developing, implementing and evaluating innovative perinatal care models.

Maternal and Perinatal Health research team


Academia-practice partnership Insel Gruppe – BFH

Our academic and practice partnership with the Department of Nursing, Medical Technology and Therapeutic Care at Insel Gruppe enables us to strengthen our collaboration and link academia with practice. The partnership is led by Prof Kai-Uwe Schmitt and focuses on interdisciplinary, networked research within the context of a dynamic, interprofessional environment.

Universitätsklinik für Kinderheilkunde [University Hospital for Paediatrics]

Partners and networks

Collaboration with partners in the fields of healthcare, science, clinical research and business provides a basis for interdisciplinary research projects.